"President Donald Trump" - the immediate afterthings

The last 24 hours have been a trance. I woke up in the morning with this lurch in my gut and a sinking feeling inside. This year has let the world down in many, many ways - and Tuesday's results was the final blow.

A lot of people wonder why we are so affected - when it's not our country, our election, our leader. But I've never felt more invested in any election back home because back home the election has never invested in its people. But in the last few months, I've seen Americans get ecstatic about a possible Hillary presidency. I've seen America ready to make history. And even those of us who couldn't vote were given the chance to feel like we were a part of it. And that's why it matters.

Today, the J-school community came together for people to share how they were feeling, and what the next steps are. While the world outside is sitting back and mocking America, people here are in a state of panic. People are scared. They are nervous. They are broken. In just one day, I've seen people break down in the middle of conversations. I've seen people start a sentence and not be able to finish it. I've seen people in a continuous state of shock.

But what held us together was the messages we received - from professors, friends, family - who, despite the media's obvious failure in this election, urged us to go on, reminded us of the crucial role journalism must play in the next four years. What held us together was people's unfaltering belief in the work we do - and the work we need to do in donald trump's America.

Today, it's so easy for the world outside to laugh at how "America fucked up." But the America I know didn't fuck up. The America I know woke up Wednesday morning and sent their immigrant friends, poc friends, Muslim friends, LGBT friends, female friends, anyone-who-is-not-a-white-male friends messages of solidarity. The America I know held healing and support group sessions today for communities to come together and process this hurt. The America I know wept all day today, collapsed on the inside, but still held on to each other with strength and love.

The America I know had every reason to give up after Tuesday night, but is choosing to fight instead. And the world shouldn't give up on her. It can't afford to.