Projonmo Agami discussion about social media

Channel i, Dhaka | May 2016

In 2016, following my article about a university student who used social media to capture a man who sexually harassed her on the streets of Dhaka, I was invited by Projonmo Agami, a local talk show, to share my thoughts on the rise of social media and what it means for Bangladeshi youth.

"Because of the access to social media that now everyone has, people nowadays are being held responsible individually. This sense of responsibility is very new. While I agree there's some evil that we live with, there's also a question of teaching responsibility to the new generation that's being exposed to the digital revolution. With people having access to such public platforms at a much younger age, one of the biggest responses we will have to make (for the current/new generations) is to instil a sense of responsibility in our kids from a much younger age than we were taught."

Watch the full video below: